My experiment with the snake spells of the west gable
in the pyramid of Wnis has been quite exciting. It has been
a way to approach the language in a manner completely different
from that I used with tales, teachings or poems. Even the
"Cannibal Hymn" has a different mood, since it has
a sort of narrative continuity. Not so with the snake spells.
They seem to be just magic charms put together in
some sort of sequence, not very clear to ascertain.
There are many obscure passages, not to talk of those
spells written in an unknown enigmatic language (some say
a foreign tongue, probably Canaanite) with words
which defy decyphering.. But the more I looked at it, the more
it seemed to me that this specific text had in itself a deep
ritualistic structure. The first stage of a rite of initiation.
So I tried to reconstruct its development and to catch
its magic aura. It's just a working hypothesis with no scientific
pretensions, as usual with my experiments.

Here are my reconstruction, comments and translation

And here the YouTube address

orlando mezzabotta