Continuing with my tentative vocal reconstructions of the pyramid of Wnjs,
this time I offer my rendering of the Sarcophagus South Wall, where, in my opinion,
are described the various passages of the Osirianization process, that is,
the psychical journey king Wnjs goes through in order to acquire
the Osirian qualities he needs to continue his journey towards Solaritazion.
I confess candidly that my approach is influenced by my Jungian training -
and you can get an idea of the psychological processes behind my interpretation
giving a look at the "subtext" here included.
As in my previous experiments there are probably many inconsistencies,
but you must consider that my vocal renderings are, for the time being,
just oral annotations and my intent is to grasp possible inner rhythms and atmospheres.
In this particular case, for example, I tried to explore different rhythms
in order to express ritual matra-like cantillations.
I am aware this is a very personal and questionable choice,
but: why not?

You can find the audio-video file here:

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Orlando Mezzabotta