The utterances (220-224) of the eastern wall of the sarcophagus chamber
are a continuation of the utterances (213-219) of the southern wall.
In fact the last utterance of the southern wall (219) shifts to the eastern wall
and ends at the end of its seventh column. At this point begins what I call
the "Coronation Ritual", that is the official investiture of Wnjs as a new divine being.
The here included subtext tries to explain my hystrionic approach to this wall.

As usual in amateurish my vocal rendering there are few (or many) inconsistencies
due to my tentative experiments and yet unresolved phonetic solutions
especially for what concerns vowel qualities and stresses of the verbal forms.
I keep reading books and articles on the subject, but as you know,
that is one of the most thorny problem of the Ancient Egyptian Language.

I worked mostly on the general atmosphere, trying to figure myself as a lector priest
whose job is to guide the initiand/deceased through the perilous journey
of the psychic landscape (or, if you prefer, the collective Unconscious),
to explain to him the various psychological passages, give him support and encouragement,
let him be aware of his inner strength and enhance his willpower.
And in doing so I try to catch rhythmic hints, word plays, alliterations and assonances
in order to line out possible stylistic nuances.

If that may be of any help, good. If not, sorry for the inconvenience.

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