Sarcophagus East Gable : Introduction

This vocal experiment with the sarcophagus chamber eastern gable of Wnjs's pyramid
is the conclusion of what I think is the first part of the king's rite of passage.
I see in the East Gable the description of Wnjs's apotheosis.
Having gone successfully through the night journey and the resurrection process
Wnjs manifests himself as a fertility god who brings nourishment to his subjects.

If you want to get an idea of the mental processes of my histrionic approach
you can read the attached subtext.
As I said in another of mine introductions I believe that the sarcophagus chamber
is the sacred place where the "little mysteries" are performed,
which are the preliminary steps to the "big misteries" that will be performed
in the antechamber, after a period of necessary adjustment
in the passage between the sarcophagus chamber and the antechamber.
Needless to say: those are just working hypotheses liable to be discarded
if they are not properly "justified".

Here is the

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I hope it may be somehow useful.

Orlando Mezzabotta