AWW INTRODUCTION I am of the opinion that the western wall of
the antechamber expresses a definite quantum leap
in Wnjs's initiatic progress.
(It goes without saying that I am deeply influenced
by my Jungian preferences and that I look at the text
not as a funerary ritual, but as a rite of passage;
almost in total agreement with Jeremy Naydler.)

As usual in my vocal rendering there may be found
many inconsistencies and highly questionable choices.
The same goes with my translation which, leaving aside
my approximate English, in many cases may be judged
too extreme.

But, those who are acquainted with my previous
tentative and amateurish works know that I keep
experimenting possible solutions, no matter how unorthodox
they may be (provided they ring some bell);
and that my special interest is not "per se"
vocalization, but prosody and the dramatic potentialities
of these fascinating rituals.

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Orlando Mezzabotta