The eastern gable of the antechamber is indeed peculiar.
It may be divided in two main sections: (i) Utterances 274-275;
(ii) Utterances 276-277. The first section is by large the
most important, since it occupies more than 3/4 of the
whole gable. It is widely known as "The Cannibal Hymn".
The second section, very short, is usually not taken under
consideration and, apparently, it seems to be somewhat
alien to what precedes it.
In fact, from a psychological and initiatic point of view
it is the natural conclusion of the first part.
In my annotations I try to explain this concept.

The Cannibal Hymn has no commentary. as a matter of fact
it was my first experiment concerning the Pyramid Texts
and at that time I had no intentions of plunging myself into
Wnjs's pyramid. Then things went differently.

It's possible that some day I may work on it again
and write a specific commentary; but for the time being
I'll let it stand on its own feet.

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